Tsinghua University’s Poverty Alleviation Office


Video“The Original Four”
During their first visit to the Poverty Alleviation Office in November 2005, Drs. Peter and Grace Wang met Kang Feiyu, Vice Provost of Tsinghua University, and Huang Li, Director of the Poverty Alleviation Office.  Together they began working on a collaborative plan to recruit American students for the Summer Service Learning Program (SSLP).


visit to Beijing"Planning Meeting"
Drs. Peter and Grace Wang participate in the first planning meeting to launch the 2006 Summer Service Learning Program in rural China. Plans called for recruiting Tsinghua University students and American university students to work in teams at e-Learning Centers in 52 of China’s poorest counties.


"Poverty Alleviation Staff"
In November 2005, there were seven staff members in the Poverty Alleviation Office working on the 2006 Summer Service Learning Program.  The number of staff working on the 2007 Summer Service Learning Program increased to 13 as the number of participants and work sites continue to increase.


"Site Visit to e-Learning Center"
This e-Learning Center is located at a model high school in Lan Kau County, Henan Province where the Yellow River bends north and historically created severe flooding. Drs. Peter and Grace Wang visited the Center to meet students and faculty and to inspect living and working facilities in preparation for the 2006 SSLP participants.


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