Peace Builder Award

February 23, 2007


Video“Peace Builder Award Presentation”
Peter and Grace Wang, founders of the Wang Center for International Programs at Pacific Lutheran University, celebrated the Center's fifth anniversary and received the Peace Builder Award from PLU President Loren Anderson. "No one is more deserving of recognition for their efforts to foster global peace than the Wangs," said President Anderson. Read Dr. Wang’s Acceptance Speech.


visit to Beijing"Walter Mondale Speaks"
Former Vice President Walter Mondale helped celebrate the fifth anniversary of the Wang Center for International Programs and spoke to a standing room only audience on, "The Changing World Conversation." Mondale discussed the importance of study abroad and said, "Global cooperation is necessary to overcome the most pressing issues facing the world today." Read more about Mondale's visit and his talk here.


"Standing Ovation"
Peter and Grace Wang lead the applause after Mondale's talk. Standing next to Grace Wang is George F. Russell, Jr., a prominent global investment visionary, a strong supporter of the Wang Foundation, and a member of Foundation's Advisory Board. The Peace Builder Award presentation preceded Vice President Mondale's talk.


"Celebrating Five Years of Peace Building"
Vice President Mondale congratulates Peter and Grace Wang for receiving the 2007 Peace Builder Award. The award recognizes "global bridge builders who exemplify hope for humanity, whose lives are centered on a vision of the just and good, who have demonstrated that they will not be defeated by difficult circumstances, and who affirm the resilience of the human spirit."


Read more about the Peace Builders Award here.