Wang Foundation “Door Knocking” Visit to China

October 2004


Video“Meeting with Education Ministers”
Meeting at Chung Nan Hai in Beijing, Drs. Peter and Grace Wang talk with Madame Chen Zhi Li, the State Councilor of China and Chen Xiaoya, Vice Minister of Education. Their discussion focused on ways to increase student exchanges between the U.S. and China.


visit to Beijing"Meeting with State Informatization Council Members"
Drs. Peter and Grace Wang visit the Advisors of the State Informatization Counci. Accompanying them are Ambassador Yunxiang Wang, Dean Robert Thomas of Wayne State University, and Dr. Janet Rasmussen, Executive Director of Wang Center at Pacific Lutheran University.


"Meeting with Network Broadcasting Officials"
Drs. Peter and Grace Wang visiting the Chinese Center for information industry development (CCID) studio with Dean Robert Thomas of Wayne State University and Dr. Janet Rasmussen of Pacific Lutheran University.


"Meeting with Beida University-High School President"
Drs. Peter and Grace Wang visit Kang Jian, President of Beida University High School. This model school has been a leader in linking China’s other high schools in developing educational materials for poverty alleviation projects.


"Meeting with President of China’s News Writers Association"
Dr. Peter Wang is honored with banquet given by Dong Sheng, President of the China News Writers Association.


"Meeting with State Council Advisory Chairwoman"
Dr. Peter Wang meeting with Madam Qu Wei Zhi, Chairman of the Advisory Committee for State Council Information Office.