Our Mission

Established in 2004, the Wang Foundation is a not-for-profit organization that advances international exchange and service learning as key elements in poverty alleviation. Built on the premise that a more just and peace-filled world is attainable through college students engaging cross culturally in service learning projects, the Wang Foundation helps students become more effective global citizens.

The Wang Foundation works with a worldwide range of institutions and organizations to create effective poverty alleviation program models that utilize interdisciplinary approaches to distance education, service learning and intercultural exchange. The Foundation's current focus is to represent Tsinghua University's School of Continuing Education in the development of their Poverty Alleviation Projects in China. The Foundation's first step towards meeting this goal was the July 2006 launching of the 1st annual Service Learning Program (SLP) in China with over 540 students and faculty from Tsinghua and 12 U.S. institutions.

The Foundation is also developing supplemental programs for long-term sustainability of the Poverty Alleviation Project. Using state-of-the-art technological resources, new program initiatives include Language Teacher Training, Language Acquisition, and vocational training models.

To learn more about the Foundation’s efforts to prepare global citizens, read "An Invitation to Build A Better World" by Advisory Board Member Ron Moffatt.

One World, Many Dreams

This 12 minute video intimately portrays the impressions of three participants in the 2006 Summer Service Learning Program

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