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"Philanthropy provides the means to solving the critical global issues of our times. For the Wang Foundation, it's increasingly essential to enhancing the long-term impact of our poverty alleviation initiatives."

Peter C. C. Wang, President

The Wang Foundation works with a worldwide range of institutions and organizations to create effective poverty alleviation program models that utilize interdisciplinary approaches to distance education, service learning and intercultural exchange. To strengthen our capacity to develop sustainable outcomes that truly alleviate poverty, especially now as the gap between the haves and have-nots grows dangerously wider, we must garner the support of corporations, foundations and private donors who are committed to shaping a more just and peaceful global future.

As a donor, you have an impact on all facets of our efforts to alleviate poverty through education: from student scholarships and faculty research, to enhancing our learning environments and enabling programmatic innovation. The ways for you to give are diverse and rewarding, and you can tailor your gift to meet your specific philanthropic goals.

Thank you for taking the time to consider giving to the Wang Foundation. For information about designating your gift to a specific program or initiative, please contact us. We would love to discuss ways we can help you build a better world.

For example, the following map of China indicating 592 poverty stricken countries declared by the Chinese central government. Tsinghua University has converted 200+ of these as distance learning centers with one-way or two-way satellite receiving stations including Internet, etc., where these colored dots can receive educational materials directly from Tsinghua University. The teaching material Tsinghua provides are basically useful skills that local people, student, teachers, and county officials, be able to use. All of these efforts are part of the poverty alleviation through education program. With Tsinghua's effort, they were able to convert 200+ out of these 592 with established distance learning centers. There are approximately 300 more locations indicated by the white dots in the map below that require installation of distance center equipment within the next few years. You may help us to convert these white dots into colored dots so distance teaching and learning becomes possible in the poorest countries in China. You may donate funds to assist Tsinghua University to convert partial white dots into colored dots. Please contact us so we may help you with more information so we can build up additional distance learning centers in the rural area to mitigate poverty through education collaborated with this unique program initiated by Tsinghua University in China. Please remember that in rural area of China there are over or at least 500 million people are in need of this type of help. Won't you join us in this crusade? By working together we just might be able to put this giant poverty fire.

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