Advisory Board

George F. Russell, Jr.

Chairman Emeritus
Russell Investment Group

George Russell is Chairman Emeritus and was the visionary behind Frank Russell Company, now known as Russell Investment Group. George joined his grandfather, Frank Russell, in business in 1958 to run a small brokerage firm. After Frank passed away six months later the company was left in George's hands, and Frank Russell Company began evolving.

Under George's leadership the company grew into one of the world's leading investment advisory firms. George pioneered the business of pension fund consulting in the late 1960s and initiated asset management in 1980. He served as chairman from 1958 until 2002, three years after the firm was sold to Northwestern Mutual Life in 1999.

A native of Tacoma, WA, George is internationally recognized as an advocate of diversified global investing. In 1990, he formed Russell 20-20, a non-profit association of international institutional investors interested in learning about the evolving investment environment in the world's major emerging market countries. Collectively, Russell 20-20 member organizations represent approximately US$2.4 trillion in investment capital. In 1999, George created the "Russell EMPulse" series of reports to promote dialogue and understanding between international investors and government and private sector leaders in emerging markets. Russell EMPulse reports are based on interviews conducted with leading international money management firms and provide insight on how investors from around the world perceive the investment environment of selected emerging markets.

George has received widespread industry recognition, including being named in 1993, along with Warren Buffett, one of the four most influential people in the world of institutional investing. Locally, George and his wife Jane (until her passing in May 2002) received numerous honors for leading a growing economic development effort in Tacoma and their active support of education and the arts. In 2000, they were awarded with Honorary Doctorates from Pacific Lutheran University; in 1997, George and Jane jointly received the prestigious E. Donnell Thomas "Medal of Achievement" from the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, recognizing their inspirational leadership and world vision.

Continually recognized for innovative employee programs and practices and community contribution, Russell was 11th on Fortune magazine's Best Companies to work for in America in 2002 and ranked in the top 15 for four consecutive years. Russell also received the National Family Business of the Year award (1997), and the Best Company to Work For—Hall of Fame award (1999, 2000) from Washington CEO magazine.

George is Chairman Emeritus of Russell Investments and Russell 20-20. He is Chairman of the EastWest Institute, Co-Chairman US-Russia Constructive Agenda, Chairman of the National Bureau of Asian Research, Co-Chairman of the Pacific Health Summit, Chairman of One Nation, Chairman of Transmutation Technologies, Inc., Chairman of The Russell Family Foundation, member of the board of the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute, Honorary Co-Chairman of The Business Humanitarian Forum, and Chairman Emeritus of the Museum of Glass.

George received his B.A. from Stanford University in 1954 and his M.B.A. from Harvard in 1958.

Under The Russell Family Foundation's focus on education, George is leading two projects: one in partnership with the EastWest Institute to educate Americans on Islam, and one in partnership with The National Bureau of Asian Research to educate Americans on the critical importance of globalization to reduce poverty in the world.